Posted on 2017-03-16 by Chris Dornan

Regex is going through a process of reorganisation in preparation for the release of, the first stable release. We have three things to do for the release which should be completed in the release.

Better organise the regex API

regex is being organised in a more structured manner with the most important types and functions being presented prominently in the API modules, the most important general types and functions in Text.RE and the specialist types and functions in the remaining modules, which are now organised into a hierarchy that makes it easier to see what is where. This reorganisation has been mostly completed with the release of

Make regex compatible w/ TH-less GHCs

This covers two technical fixes which should be non-disruptive. See #70 and PR #69.

Make replacement templates type safe

We would like to make the replacement templates type safe, which is to say that the references to captures in the replacement templates should be checked at compile time. This will involve some disruption to the Edits and Replace APIs. Some rationalisation of the Replace section of Text.RE also be considered. This issue is being tracked by #60.

New projected release date for regex-

The date for releasing regex- has been pushed back to the end of March to allow these changes to settle and be reviewed.