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The Live Build Status

All of the badges elsewhere represent the build status of the current version of regex in Hackage. This page however collects the live status of the Travis-CI and AppVeyor pipelines that monitor the head of the repository.

Service O/S Build GHC LTS extra-deps (*) Werror Build Status
Hackage ‑Wwarn Hackage
Licence BSD3 License
Travis CI Linux release-stack 8.0.2 8.16 ‑Werror Un*x build
Linux stack 7.10.3 6.33 ‑Werror
Linux stack 7.8.4 2.22 regex-tdfa-text- ‑Werror
Linux stack 8.0.2 8.16 ‑Werror
Linux cabal 7.10.3 ‑Werror
Linux stack 8.0.2 2017‑06‑02 ‑Werror
macOS stack 7.8.4 2.22 ‑Werror
macOS stack 8.0.2 8.16 ‑Werror
AppVeyor Windows stack 8.0.2 8.16 ‑Werror Windows build Linux stack 7.10.3 6.33 ‑Werror Coverage

(*) extra-deps packages needed by the library only, apart from regex-pcre-text-

Coverage Exceptions

The following modules have been exempted from the code coverage statistics.

Module Exempted Reason
Text.RE.ZeInternals.QQ Toolkit for use in quasi quoter contexts only which can’t be measured by hps.

The regex Hackage Matrix Builder

The regex Hackage Matrix Builder summarizes the buildability of each version of each Hackage package: